Bearing Protection

AFT offers a full range of bearings protectors to support your rotating equipment needs in the Little Rock, AR area and surrounding. We offer both contacting and non-contacting bearing seal technology in order to provide fully customized solution. With our friends at AESSEAL, AFT delivers a comprehensive selection of bearing protectors designed to address your requirements for accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and cost.

LabTecta® 66

Eliminate over 50% of bearing failures with the LabTecta® IP66 certified bearing protector: a true non-contacting labyrinth design with a shut-off design that really works.

LabTecta® 66 M/MG

This design is also available with a VFD (variable frequency drive) Grounding Ring installed to prevent premature bearing failure due to electrical fluting caused by the stray currents created when using VFD motor controllers.


The MagTecta™ range includes two sets of seal faces. Offering double the protection of a conventional single seal face design.

LabTecta® 66 RDS

The only radially divided bearing protector available with rotor / stator static sealing technology as standard. 

Research shows that 52% of bearing failures are due to contamination of the bearing oil*.

* Bloch, Heinz; “Pump Users Handbook: Life Extension” 2011.