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Bearing Protection

AFT offers a full range of bearings protectors to support your rotating equipment needs in the Little Rock, AR area and surrounding. We offer both contacting and non-contacting bearing seal technology in order to provide fully customized solution. AFT delivers a comprehensive selection of bearing protectors designed to address your requirements for accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and cost.


Personnel Training

AFT delivers training sessions on installation, maintenance, repair and replacement for pumps. Our training can be customized for your specific training needs for instrumentation, calibration, flow measurement, safety, efficiency and long term maintenance programs in Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas.


Pump Installation

AFT performs repairs as well as replacement pump installation for industrial, commercial, manufacturing, landfill, waster water and other facilities.


Plant Survey

AFT provides comprehensive evaluations and assessments for industrial, commercial, medical, manufacturing and landfill facilities.


Equipment Reliability Tracking

AFT monitors and documents the on-going performance, accuracy and safety of your system’s pumps and operating standards.