Landfill Services

Advanced Fluid Technologies has a firm commitment to both customer service and to the protection of the environment and local ecosystems. Our construction and landfill division is founded upon the most advanced technology for environment services and maintenance.

Installation of De-Watering Systems

Advanced Fluid Technologies installs dewatering systems designed for municipal and industrial waster water needs. We offer both standardized and custom systems that offer superior performance and long service life.

Preparation and Welding of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Advanced Fluid Technologies provides certified HDPE welding and installation services. We specialize in issues related to landfill engineering and design.

Landfill Repair Services

Repair Leachate Pumping Systems

AFT provides responsive evaluation and repairs for leachate pumping systems. An AFT service lead will address issues with control panels, pumps, flow sensor/meters, carriages and other system features.